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Foam Wall Containment Spill Berm - 12' x 45' x 4"

Berms : IPI-FW1245-4-XR
Spill Berm Size:
12' x 45' x 4"
Berm Containment:
1001 - 2500 Gallons
XR-5 8130 Fabric Specs:
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Spill Berm Type:
Foam Wall
Berm Width:
Berm Length:
Wall Height:
Length Range:
Width Range:
Containment Capacity:
1,346 Gallons
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  • Spill Containment Berm
  • Spill Berm - Foam Wall Containment
Price: $3,989.00


•  Foam wall berms offer space saving designs and smaller overall dimensions.
•  Made in durable XR-5™ fabric that withstands the rigors of industrial and construction applications along with providing strong UV resistance.
•  Foam wall berms are available from 2" to 4" in wall height and allow for easy exit and entry or call us at 1-800-474-7294 for other sizes and heights.
•  The Low 2" sidewall contains spills while allowing most forklifts to roll over them.
•  Walls compress down with the weight of the equipment rolling over them and then expand after weight passes.
•  For numerous types of secondary containment including drum, tank, tanker containment, vehicle wash down, refueling stations and more.

•* 6" of clearance ""from bottom of vehicle to ground"" is needed to drive over 4" walls.

• (2" wall version - 4" of clearance needed and foam is sealed into wall)

Foam Berms Features include:

• XR5 spill berm Fabric is the premium fabric in berm industry with 4 decades of use

• 10 Year pro rated weathering warranty

  • Foam logs are encased in Vinyl fabric for double durability • Vented for constant drive thru applications •
  • Foam meets or exceeds Compressions tests (Retains shape with 24-hour testing for compression) 
  • 60% to 100% recycled raw materials 
  • Removable foam logs for easy mobilization•
  • Removable logs for easy replacement
  • Reinforced ends

If you don't see the size you need, contact us for assistance. Our goal is to work with you to help accommodate your needs at a fair price without excessive custom charges. This manufacturer has decades of experience that allow for modifications and faster turnaround when needed. Standard foam wall berms are made with XR-5™ fabric. XR-5™ fabric has been in use for over 25 years in applications and in many parts of the world including numerous govenrmental uses. Foam berms are also available in PVC, many colors and other fabrics depending on suitability. *Note other fabric warranties may differ. Contact us for information and one of our friendly reps will be happy to help you.

*Color of Berms can vary depending on fabric used.


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