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Morse Guard Enclosure Kit with Safety Interlock For Single Can Tumbler

Material Handling : MM-GEK-1-305-1
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Drum Equipment Type:
Guard Enclosure
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Morse Guard Enclosure Kit with Safety Interlock for 5 Gallon Can Tumblers

Morse's enclosures for tilt to load drum tumblers have a safety interlock to automatically shut off the can rotator when the gate is opened.

Install all Morse Rotators in accordance with local requirements for enclosure and safety interlock, etc. One way to accomplish this is with a Morse enclosure with safety interlock, so the rotator automatically turns off when enclosure door is opened. Power connections and motor controls must also comply with applicable local codes.

For OSHA compliance in the USA, see OSHA subpart O.1910.212(a)(4) "Barrels, containers, and drums. Revolving drums, barrels, and containers shall be guarded by an enclosure which is interlocked with the drive mechanism, so that the barrel, drum, or container cannot revolve unless the guard enclosure is in place."

Morse GEK-1-305-1 Guard Enclosure Specifications:
Fits Can Rotator Model #: 1-305-1
Gate Switch: AC
Weight: 125 lbs.

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