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Morse 55 Gallon Drum Ryton Hand Pump

Material Handling : MM-28-5BV
Drum Equipment Type:
55 Gallon Drum Hand Pump
Price: $582.96


Morse Drum

Morse Drum Hand Pumps

Double-action piston manual drum / barrel pumps are self priming, delivering on both the forward and the back stroke. It takes less than 5 cycles to yield a gallon.

Each Morse 55-gallon drum hand pump is made in the same style and has the same action. They vary only in their materials of construction, consisting of specific polymers and elastomers for resistance to certain types of chemicals.

Morse manual drum and barrel pumps provide a controlled discharge rate of approximately 1 quart on complete forward and backward cycle at 10 psi over 24 feet. They fit the NPT (National Pipe Thread) of the 2" bung on 55 or 30 gallon steel drum.

• Suction lift tested for 15 feet minimum
• Discharge head up to 25 feet
• Output head pressure is up to 10.83 psi
• 1" NPT suction tube
• 3/4" NPT discharge tube
• Two position drum pump handle
-Handle can be mounted above the drum hand pump extending 20.5" above the bung when upright. -Mount handle below the drum hand pump for easier operation from below with the drum on a truck or platform.
• Self-lubricating teflon piston ring operates wet or dry for long life
• Chemically compatible with liquids up to 120 F (49 C)
• Handle viscosity up to 2,000 SSU (about as thick as 30 weight motor oil at room temperature). Handle effort increases as viscosity approaches this maximum.
• Models 26, 271-AE and 27-4AV drum / barrel pumps are generally useful with compatible liquids in a mild acidity/alkalinity range of pH 4 to 9. Avoid stronger acids and caustics.
• Models 28-5BV and 28-6BE drum / barrel pumps are useful in a wider pH range.

• Chemical compatibility of a drum or barrel pump should be checked for EACH LIQUID BY CHEMICAL NAME
• No single drum pump can be universally chemical resistant
• Barrel pumps available include flammable drum pump and oil drum pump
• Some blends of chemicals may not be suitable for any of these drum pumps
• Different barrel pump models may be necessary for various liquids
• Final determination of suitability for use intended, or manner of use, is responsibility of the user.
• Chemicals may be hazardous. It is the user's responsibility to take appropriate safety and protective measures.

Morse 28-5BV Drum Hand Pump Specifications:
Construction (All have some T316SS): Ryton
O-Ring Material: Viton
Gasket Material: Viton
Hose Material: Cross Linked Polyethelyene
Suction Tube: Teflon
Compatable Liquids: Some Chlorinated Solvents, Acids, Aromatics, Xylene
Weight: 12 lbs.

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