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Interstate Products recognizes the hard work and sacrifice it takes daily to provide support & supplies through out our communities, health care workers and citizens in time of emergency during  the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our relationships within the industry with our valued partners help supply, fast, quality and reliable items to help keep our nation and world safe. Interested clients may contact us online below or call 1-800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610, for after hours call 941-780-4003 now to get more information on how Interstate Products can help today. 

Isolation Transport Chambers, Isolation Rooms & Quarantine Rooms  Available With Or Without Structures  

Transport Isolation Chambers are now available to transfer patients safely,(PAPR and filters may be sourced separately). Upon arrival, Quarantine rooms are the dedicated portable space for hospital surges designed to assist medical professionals when dealing with the needs  of providing emergency space for patients. Essentially, a room-within-a-room, it helps contain any contaminated particulates when used properly. The room can be set-up quickly indoors or out, in a gymnasium, inside fabric enclosure, garage, parking lot or any suitable area depending on the situation and for medical care.

Many sizes are available including sizes to fit into your area or can stand alone as part of a emergency field care unit. Give staff the space they need. These emergency rooms or additional space can provide an answer to issues of safely caring for victims. due to hospital surge. For priority service, sizes may be changed to accommodate available structures or frames.

A patient can be placed in the room and receive care isolated from the surrounding environment. Units come HVAC ready and with proper air filtration, may be used to help keep other treatment areas free of contamination. End users can provide their own suitable air filtration systems or contact us with questions. Suitable systems for air filtration can help eliminate cross-contamination and protect health care providers. The flow of air also helps cool and relax the patient. This specific room is designed for use to provide extra space during hospital surges.

Note: This product is a preventative measure only. As with all preventative measures, it is not a guarantee of any nature. Other preventative measures and steps should continue to be taken. Check Your Local Authority For Approved Uses. 

Enclosure Tents:

The enclosure tents are made from a highly UV resistant, flame retardant vinyl coated polyester. Additional weather protection is available. Inside the tents is where 10-12 or more rooms may be setup. The rooms have 2' clear windows for visibility purposes all around exterior. Suitable for consideration as protected parking lot portable emergency space.  Inside the fire retardant fabric enclosure, hallways and staff areas may be designed and set up. They can be customized as needed for enough room for equipment and other needs. Ducting, heating and cooling are available options. Our enclosure tents and portable rooms are designed to offer extra space due to hospital surge.

Structures: Modular, Portable, Multi Level, Stairs, Doors, Customization available.

Click HERE for Quarantine Structure Options.

Quarantine Room Unit: Example Standard

  1. Occupancy – 1 patient
  2. Dimensions – 6’ 3” W x 7’ 11” L x 6’ 3” H
  3. Wall & Ceiling Material – 14 oz Fire Retardant Vinyl Laminate
  4. Window Material – 19 gauge Vinyl Film – 25” Tall Window centered @ 60” from Floor all 4 walls
  5. Floor Material – 18 oz Fire Retardant Vinyl-coated Polyester
  6. Door – 48” x 67” Opening Secured with #10 Coil Zipper

 Standard Accessories:

  1. External Patient Chart Pocket
  2. Non-skid Mesh Removable/Reusable Floor Liner
  3. #4 Spur Grommets to Secure Edges of Room to Scaffold Frame Rosettes
  4. 8 x 4” Welded Access Ports w/ optional HEPA filter   

36 unit Examples:  These are modular and can be added onto or reduced. (No Beds Are included)

These systems come ready to go but there is assembly needed. We have smaller sizes and different options to accommodate many situations.

2 Level Containment / Surge Capacity system (Indoor system) Put Inside Existing Structure

  • 36 Rooms
  • Includes all Frame system and individual quarantine units
  • Total weight: 38,860 Lbs.

2 Level Containment / Surge Capacity system (Outdoor version W/ Enclosure Attached example)

  • 36 Rooms
  • Includes all Frame system and individual quarantine units
  • Total weight: 62,000 Lbs


  • Flexible Fuel & Water Bladders, 
  • Decontamination Decks
  • Disinfectants 
  • Bio Hazard Cans
  • Over packs 
  • Inventory Control Cabinets
  • Flammable & Lab Cabinets
  • Cable Protectors
  • Additional Supplies Of All Kinds

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