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Parking Lot Safety


Interstate Products is the place to shop for all your parking lot and traffic safety supplies. We offer a great selection of rugged Parking Bumpers in four distinct colors that clearly define parking areas. Use our high visibility yellow Speed Bumps help to slow down vehicles and colorful Poly Guide Posts or Collapsible Barricades to warn, guide and delineate traffic flow. Protect your facility and equipment with our easy to install Bollard Posts and make old bollard posts look like new with our Bumper Post Sleeves that will never require painting again. Make sure you are in ADA Compliance with easy to install Warning Pads that alert the visually impaired when transitioning to a different surface than the surrounding concrete sidewalk and an upcoming intersection. We can also help your parking lot comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) with a variety of catch basin products including Basin Guards, Curb Guards, Drain Guards, Grate Guards, Gutter Guards and more.


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