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Justrite Ecopolyblend™ Spill Pallets

Justrite Spill Pallets Now Are The first and only drum spill containment line made of recycled polyethylene! Justrite Eco-friendly spill containment pallets are available for purchase Online below at significant savings under Manufacturer Pricing. End User & Re-sellers Welcome.

IPI offers "Great Service & Great Deals" on every spill containment pallet we carry. Justrite drum spill containment pallets not only protect against groundwater contamination, they also utilize post-industrial material that might have otherwise been discarded into the waste stream. Justrite fully compliant spill pallets are quality engineered with a robust design, spill pallets withstand the toughest environments for superior spill control. Durable, UV-protected EcoPolyBlend™ polyethylene is nearly impervious to chemical attack from hazardous acids, caustics and solvents. Seamless construction eliminates leaks even if a 55-gallon (200L) drum fails and completely empties its contents. This Spill Pallet oversized leak proof sump is included.

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