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Outdoor Weatherproof Flammable Storage

Get The Same Great Protection As The Rest Of The Securall Line, But With Added Protection From The Elements!

Double-wall cabinets are all-welded, 18-gauge construction using galvanized steel and painted with a weather-resistant, impact-resistant urethane finish that is also resistant to ultra-violet rays. All Cabinets STANDARD Features a sloped roof with a 2 3/4" overhang along with interior and exterior astragals to prevent rain penetration. Weatherproof cabinets come standard with corrosion resistant flush-mounted stainless steel locking handle, but may be upgraded to galvanized High Security Hasp Lock. Easily move these cabinets to the appropriate work location using built-in heavy gauge fork lift channels, and then secure them with fully-welded 7-gauge steel Bolt-Down Brackets with 7/8" diameter opening.

Available on all standard cabinet models with manual and self-closing door styles. Self-closing Safe-T-Doors have fusible links that melt at 165° F allowing the doors to automatically close and latch. Cabinets meet: EPA 40 CFR 264, 265, NFPA Code 30 & OSHA 1910 requirements.

Construction Features:

▪ Finished in 2-part urethane
▪ Galvanized steel shelving 
▪ 3-point self latching (Non Sparking) doors.
▪ Reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction.
▪ Two 2” vents with flash arrestors 
▪ Adjustable zinc plated leveling legs.

▪ Large Warning label
▪ Double wall construction with 1 ½” 
▪ Flush mounted locking handle 
▪ Static grounding bolt OSHA 2006 compliant
▪ Continuous piano hinge 
▪ Leak proof sill 2” deep

Special Weatherproof Features:

Sloped Roof

Sloped Roof with
2 ¾" Overhang


Astragals on Inside & 
Outside of Doors


3 Point, Non-Sparking 
Self Latch Closure

Forklift Channel with Bolt-down Bracket

Fork Lift Channels 
w/Bolt Down Bracket

Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless Steel Flush
Mounted Handle

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