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Tank Spill Containment

Maybe you were wondering what is new or available for tank spill containment or how do I comply with the secondary containment regulations. IPI can help! Interstate Products (also known as IPI) has been proving solution for close to two decades. If our hard sumps won't do, we have flexible tank spill containment berms in any size or our Hard Wall containments.

At IPI we offer unsurpassed service on all these product solutions.

Ultra 550 Containment Sump With 3/4" Drain Rigid secondary containment for fuel tanks. 

Ultra 275 Containment Sump With 3/4" Drain Rigid secondary containment for fuel tanks 

Ultra-Containment Sump 1000 Flexible Model, With Drain Flexible spill containment sumps fold for less expensive shipping and easy storage

Fuel tanks are large. So it stands to reason that spill containment for them will be even larger. That's great when your tank is leaking... not so great when you're trying to transport or store the sump.

But wait, there is more or contact us today for expert help.

L-Bracket Containment Berms

IPI provides Portable L Bracket Spill Containment Berms that provide space saving portable secondary containment in almost any size. This versatile L Bracket Spill Berm is ideal for many applications. 

Need higher walls then 24" , Go Modular Spill Containment 

Ultra Containment Wall

Ultratech containment modular hard walled system provides long term, high capacity spill containment. Ultratech is a leading MFG of spill containment products we deal with everyday.

Modular wall sections and corners can be assembled quickly to form just about any size/shape spill containment berm area needed. Heavy duty 30 mil textured polyethylene liner provides rugged, impermeable barrier to capture leaks and spills. Versatile system can be easily disassembled for reuse at future sites.

Contact us today. We are here to help at 1-800-238-4259 or thru our website.

Jan 23rd 2021 @ 4:01 PM Rich Eisenberg

About the Author: Richard Eisenberg


Born in the early 1960s, Richard Eisenberg grew up in the age of the Apollo program and spent his youth following his father's notions of Environmental happenings going on in the Northeast United States. In 1969 the Cuyahoga River Fire captured Rich's attention; his understanding that water puts out a fire, how can fire exist in or on-top of the water? This question got Rich on a path of curiosity and Environmental awareness at a very early age.


"News about a burning river was a signal that something had gone very wrong with the environment."

William Kovarik, environmental policy historian and communications professor, Radford University


Since the early 1980's, Rich has worked in the Environmental Safety Solutions industry. Providing Environmental Solutions for Railroads, Shipping yards, Government & Civilian for Secondary Containment and Oil Leak Prevention throughout US, Canada, Mexico and many countries abroad.


"My experience in dealing with tens of thousands of applications of Spill Containment, Facility Protection, Safety & Storage as well as supervising a staff of individuals providing a multitude of product solutions allows me the ability to draw on a vast amount of projects to find the right products for the clients applications. As an added value for IPI Clients, we are able to draw upon our partners and network of brand name and experienced manufacturer's."

Rich Eisenberg, Founder / Owner Interstate Products, Inc.



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