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Secondary Containment Q & A's


  1. Who needs secondary containment? People that are storing hazardous liquids in general but there could be other requirements.
  2. What kind of containers do you use secondary containment for? Many types of containers like 55 gallon drums, fuel trucks, tanks, generators, transformers and construction equipment.
  3. What kind of organizations need secondary containment? Municipalities, power companies, construction companies, Oil companies, businesses of all kinds, circus events, zoos, anyone that has a fuel tank could consider it, any company running generators, and much more.
  4. Why do you need secondary containment? To protect the environment and the groundwater and also to involve avoid costly fines or a possible dangerous situations for personnel.
  5. What kind of secondary containment are there? Spill pallets, spill Berms, drum basins,  Fuel Tank Containment Sumps, basins and outdoor drum and IBC storage.
  6. What companies manufacture secondary containment products? Our vendors include UltraTech, Justrite, Eagle, Securall as well as industrial private firm manufacturers.
  7. Who regulates when you need secondary containment? Check with your local inspector for EPA regulations.
  8. Where can you find the best secondary  containment products? At Interstate products. People love our secondary containment products but they love our service more. Please contact us to find out why
  9.  Where is secondary containment or spill containment used? Secondary containment and spill containment are used to name a few, for many equipment, truck, Tank, generator, Gen Set , drum , tote, transformer and many other applications where secondary containment is required. These products can be used for example with drive over berm models for vehicular or forklift traffic or may be used with timbers and sand for many transformer type applications if needed.