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Water Storage Bladders

Water Storage Bladders

Interstate Products Water Storage Bladders & Tanks, offer quality and affordable flexible solutions to meet your large, smaller, potable, grey, black / waste water, fire, and many other non drinking water tank storage needs. IPI Flexible water storage bladders provide a simple and easy to use solution featuring high quality material, collapsible tank design, custom volume, custom sizing, and easy deployment. Small and large water storage bladders & tanks provide the ideal solution for potable, black or grey temporary or long term large water storage bladders. These tanks are an ideal way to store large amounts of water for a variety of purposes.

At Interstate Products, we are an Authority in the industry, Online for 2 decades, and pride ourselves on exceeding our customers needs and expectations. Our experienced water bladder & tank specialists are available anytime to meet emergency situations. IPI provides, logistics on the shipment of these folded tanks, competitive value pricing, quality tank materials, product support, custom design help, and a strong commitment to client satisfaction on every flexible tank order. Check our awesome industry leading, overall satisfaction ratings ∓ 3500 plus FIVE STAR client reviews; to see why our clients continue to make us their first call. IPI is unmatched in our ability to meet your grey, waste and potable water bladder, tank storage & emergency response needs!


Above, pictured is a large 50,000 Gallon demonstrating an air test process & the 210,000 Gallon pillow bladder design in use. Interstate Products provides water bladder tanks from top manufactures with unsurpassed service. Our trusted relationships allow for competitive pricing and multiple shipping points to better meet time sensitive applications.  Need a specific or custom water bladder size? Many smaller sizes are available for online purchase below. Pillow tank capacities are available from 100 US Gallon bladders to large 210,000 US Gallon bladders. We have grey and drinking water storage bladders and resources available.

Military, Commercial and Private Users Welcome: Note: while you may buy smaller sizes of IPI bladders securely at our online store below, please call or chat with questions or on larger sizes.  Call to speak to our water storage bladder experts at 1-800-474-7294. Calling from outside the USA? Call 1-941-377-8610.  

Portable pillow & bladder tanks provide reliable storage solutions are for most applications including domestic military deployment, abroad military deployment, emergency management solutions, industrial uses, grey applications, construction storage, rainwater harvesting, small or crawl space tanks, temporary drinking water stations, disaster response units, and water tank storage operations. IPI Water Storage Bladders use the highest quality materials to outlast the competition in many flexible water storage applications, including drinking aka potable water tanks, black water tanks, and grey water tanks. Potable water tank fabric in blue or black (color subject to supply) is available in NSF61 fabric up to 25,000 US Gallons in commercial fabrics or the large capacities in Military Spec Fabric. Commercial Potable tanks meet the NSF 61 stringent standards " National Sanitation Foundation" certification for drinking water.) NSF61 is an important certification for the drinking water fabrics, regarding no foul odor or bad taste and for human consumption. Additional materials and options are available to provide for potable, grey and black water and all the way up to the large water bladder tank sizes.

If you are working with DOD, Government, US Military Forces, Municipality and/or if you want or need to meet Made in America requirements, please contact us today for services.** Small & Large tank capacities for Fire Water, Rainwater, Storm Relief Services.

Whether it is for military, large industrial uses, personal use, standard bladder applications, or something tailored to your specific needs, IPI broad line of options with its powerful supply network include the following solutions and more: Custom Bladders, Box Bladders, Pillow Tanks, Onion Tank, Fire Fighting Bladders, and more.


IPI provides relief pillow tanks, drinking water bladder, custom bladder, grey water, or tanks built to military specifications all over the globe. Available sizes and specifications may vary depending on manufacturer and location. Past bladder and pillow clients include Hospitals, Relief Agencies, Industrial & Environmental Companies, Farms, Power, Oil, Utility, Government, Remote Constructions, Individuals, Vessel & Boat owners, Specialty Companies, Events Coordinators, US Military, Contractors, and many more. We provide after hours service on water bladder tanks when you need it. Options include: hoses, valves, or for water bladder protection, ground mats are available. These mats are for under the bladder tank protection, from rocks and sharp objects on the ground.

Many additional options and connections are available. Note: while you may buy some sizes of IPI bladders securely at our online store below, please call or chat on larger sizes. You may also want to speak to our tank representatives today about any size project at 800-474-7294. Calling from outside the USA? Call 941-377-8610.  


Water Storage Bladders & Tanks / Military Water Storage Bladders @ IPI

Water Storage Bladders & Tanks & Military Water Bladders

Interstate Products Inc has increased its line of water storage bladders has now been updated to include military style bladders up to the 210,000 gallon sizes. All are made with military grade materials, military spec fabric or appropriate alternatives. Sizes include 3000, 10,000 gallon, 20,000 gallon, 50,000 gallon, as well as 75,000, 100,000 gallon, 150,000 gallon and 210,000 gallon sizes.

Our Standard Water Storage Bladders have unlimited practical uses including:

  • Providing drinking water storage bladders for disaster area victims
  • Additional fresh water storage for boats or RV
  • Waste water containment
  • Rain Water Storage Bladders & Collection for Irrigation Systems
  • Pesticides and insecticides
  • Nurseries
  • Farming, water for livestock or treating with insecticides
  • Fuel storage, diesel, gas, jet, etc.
  • Gray water storage bladders for pressure washing systems
  • Fire Fighting
  • Black Water Bladders (sewage)
  • Flatbed Truck Tanks
  • Railcar Tanks

•Fabric Materials for under 25,000 gallon sizes are available in NSF-61 Approved for potable water or grey and black water. Heavier fabrics for over 25,000 gallons. Call today for information.

Water Storage Tips from Experts:

Please use as a guideline but always check your specific application and observe safety above all else. 


Interstate Products offers a line of Fuel Bladders and Water Storage Bladders for military or non-military, construction water storage and/or civilian purposes. Call Interstate Products Inc. today for unsurpassed service and more information on fuel, water bladders and pillow tanks at 800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610 International.

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    Potable Water Pillow Tank w/Ground Mat - 5,000 Gallons

    Price: $3,677.00
    Potable Water Pillow Tanks w/Ground Mat 5,000 gallon Military Style bladders are also available in 3,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, & larger up to 210,000 US gallons for potable, non-potable, and black water storage. Interstate Products 5000 gallon...
    Water Tanks : IPI-PWPT-5000
    Price: $3,677.00
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    Price: $3,677.00
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    Non Potable Water Pillow Tank w/Ground Mat - 5,000 Gallons

    Price: $3,582.00
    With 25 Years in Business, Industry Leading, Unsurpassed Product Support ratings with over 2500 x 5 Star, 3rd Party Client Reviews, you can confidently Buy @ IPI. We love the challenge of meeting and exceeding your liquid storage tank expectations...
    Water Tanks : IPI-NPPT-5000
    Price: $3,582.00
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    Price: $3,582.00
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