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Containment Berms

Containment Berms

BUY @IPI - Spill Containment Berms Specialists are Ready to Provide High Quality Modular & Flexible Portable Spill Berms for virtually any Secondary Containment Application:

Placing Spill Berm Orders @IPI is Quick and Easy and where you can find all the Brands You Can Trust. Take advantage of the Interstate Flexible Containment Berm Supply Network to get you portable secondary containment berms ASAP. One size doesn't fit all, nor does one manufacturer or model. We carry all the top brands and a custom shop. Through our suppliers, to make sure our clients can get into EPA & safety compliance ASAP, we utilize multiple shipping points across the US with berm manufacturers way below any direct list price, that have regular in-stock availability in strategic locations around the country. IPI has the industry leading variety of waste water, chemical and fuel secondary spill containment berms. Your One Stop Interstate Provider for many heights and types of models including modular up to the large 36" heights, liners & the more mobile portable containment models from 2" to 24" wall heights, including patented berms, modular kits, mats, pads, economical temporary berms, long term control, pop up walls, build your own kits, dikes, or flexible and collapsible models. These spill containment berms are systems that are for use with Water, Oil, many Chemical solutions, AST, diesel fuel tanks, HEMTT, Refueler and Fuel truck, transformer containment, decon kit stations, a large tanker ,tank and Clean Water Act help with EPA Regulations & Compliance applications including EPA, Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements. If it can spill, IPI can contain & control it. Contact our Expert Spill Containment Berm Specialists for help and information on learning how to choose the best model and fabricated with the right materials for your jobsite. IPI is where you may make sure you have a product made with a fabric with suitable elongation properties, UV protection & proper puncture resistance to construct your containment with. At IPI you can learn how to determine your required capacity calculations and/or get a Quote tailored to your job life span and compliance needs any time, fast!

NEED CONTAINMENT FAST?: IPI is an internet pioneer, with 20 plus years in both customer service and industrial berm application experiences. If you want to learn about or purchase containment, Interstate is the Authority in the industry. We are here for you and ready to help! Just about any size flexible spill berm is available in most models or build your own kits. Chat / Call the berm experts now at 1-800-474-7294 with secondary containment questions, the size you need or bulk discounts. If being mobile or fast set up is key, with many flexible containment models all you need to do to deploy is, unfold the liner and set the supports into place. Hundreds of collapsible chemical and portable fuel spill berms that will safely capture drips and spills, with many quick set up models in stock now, or can be customizable. IPI is unmatched when it comes to handling spills and providing the largest variety of berm model options for your projects including, fuel tank, truck, waste water, chemicals, fuel tanker, ground service equipment, HEMTT, Jet Fuel Storage, Mobile Aircraft Refueler, black water, fuel secondary containment liners, dikes, bladders, military applications, airports, tanker & truck washdown, industrial sites, construction site and more with quality, stock around country and export services for secondary containment applications all over the world.

Site Support & Berm Installs are Available from IPI too! We can be there for you on site for special containment projects. IPI has provided chemical and fuel safe spill control berms made from coated industrial fabrics for 20 plus years. You can count on TEAM IPI. We have assisted select temporary and long term secondary containment projects throughout the globe for more than 2 decades. IPI is Your Full Service Spill Containment Berm Supplier. Military & Bulk Discount Programs Available. With 25 years in business, combined with our 3500 and growing awesome 3rd Party client reviews, when you need secondary containment "It Makes Sense to Buy@IPI". Contact the "IPI BERM TEAM" today @ 1-800-474-7294 for unsurpassed service. (After Hour spill concerns, orders or questions, IPI is here for you After Hours too- 941-780-4003 24-7.


Spill Berm Choosing - Secondary Containment News -Ultratech Spill Containment Berms , Justrite, Eagle, Husky

Sarasota, FL — Interstate Products Inc.(IPI) continues to expand our spill containment berm product line with additional manufacturers; now offering Ultratech, Justrite, Eagle  and IPI Specialty Containment Berms models. IPI has also revamped its spill containment website by expanding the portable and secondary spill containment berms line while adding modular spill containment products. We can help you meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) requirements.

Calculate Capacity for Your Containment Berm.
Reference: EPA

What secondary containment requirements apply to mobile refuelers? 
Reference: EPA

Clean Water Act
Reference: EPA

Checkout our Spill Containment Berm Showcase on LinkedIn.

IPI now carries more spill berms than ever. UltraTech Self Raising portable containment berm, Ultimate Berms, Gorilla Modular Tanker and Truck Fuel Spill Containment Berms and Collapsible Spill Berms; Justrite Quick and Rigid Lock/ No Loose Parts Spill Berms; Eagle Manufacturing , Foam wall and Talon Containment Berms;and Interstate Brand Portable L Bracket, Wire Angle Berms and Foam Wall Containment Berms. Further, IPI provides new Duck Pond Mini Spill Berms for Secondary Containment applications of all kinds. A spill containment berm by defintion is a containment barrier used to contain liquids and they are used to prevent liquids from reaching or absorbing into the ground water.

These collapsible portable secondary containment models are for the containment of GEN sets, truck, generator, equipment, transformer, tank, tanker, tote, drum, or any type of primary containment or application where spills can occur. These containment berms come in 2’ x 2’ to 50’ x 125’ sizes and in a number of containment wall heights. Various fabrics are used for compatibility by application including water, oil, fuel and many other chemicals and acids.

There are several portable containment berm models with no loose parts and other berms where brackets are inserted or alternative means of containment wall construction are engineered. Regardless if you need an economical temporary berm solution or a more advanced model, Interstate is the collapsible, portable spill berm supplier that can ship from many locations in the U.S. from brand and trusted suppliers at everyday value pricing.

IPI L-Bracket Spill Containment Berms provide space saving portable spill containment when and where you need it most.

Our #1 Best Selling Berm offers superior XR-5 material and workmanship. The walls are supported by a sturdy "L" bracket frame construction that deploys quickly and is excellent for long or short term use.• *TEN Year Limited Warranty • Custom Size Berms • No Custom Prices • Up to 24" in height. Great for a tank but works well with truck and tanker, HEMTT, Military Equipment and many other secondary containment applications as well.



Drive Over Spill Berms from multiple manufactures including UltraTech, Eagle Talon & IPI Brands. The portable containment pads are made from industrial fabrics so they may be quickly unfolded and deployed. Drive Through Truck and Tanker Models include secondary containment berms with exit and entry walls so that a HEMTT fuel truck or tanker may drive in and out without having to manually lower the walls. If you will be using drive through model frequently, this portable drive thru spill berm is ideal. We do have several other drive thru options. https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/Dri...

Rigid Lock Quick Berms Help meet EPA Regulations including SPCC containment and stormwater regulations. • Rigid-Lock Spill Berm is the fully collapsible berm with inside support technology which provides quick and easy deployment for drive-through, emergency, decontamination or preventative applications. This is great for tote, drum, truck and other applications.

Rigid Lock Quick spill berms have No loose parts & Single piece construction. https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/JUS...

Ultratech Containment Berm Models For Secondary containment are available in standard and custom sizes and many fabric options to choose from for reliable spill containment. The UltraTech Berm helps comply with

federal and local stormwater regulations, EPA Container Storage Regulation 40 CFR 264.175 and SPCC requirements. The standard containment berm material of construction is Copolymer 2000™. https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/Ult...

One Step Spill Berm

Spill Berms with no loose parts and quick set up, make the "One Step" portable spill containment berm an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. Simply Unfold the Spill Berm & Lift Up The Walls - In Seconds.   tank https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/One...

Modular Spill Berms

The Ultra containment modular hard walled system provides long term, high capacity spill containment.

* Modular wall sections and corners can be easily assembled to form almost any size/shape spill containment area needed.


* https://store.interstateproducts.com/products/Ultra-Containment-Wall

Interstate Products Inc. are your modular and portable berm experts available by phone from 8 AM to 8 PM and by chat from 7am till 10pm EST.

About Us: 

Since 1996, Interstate Products, Inc. has been a global multi-brand supplier of quality environmental, maintenance and safety product solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional, military and various government organizations. Since its inception, IPI has experienced tremendous growth fueled by our commitment to continuously add innovative new products to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding and diverse customer base. Our products include safety and containment products, truck and tanker equipment mats, flammable safety cabinets, absorbents, fuel spill containment berms, material handling equipment ad much more. In addition, IPI is also a leading provider of spill containment berms and flexible storage tanks that are available in both standard and custom sizes. Information about these and other quality products can be obtained by visiting our company website at https://store.interstateproducts.com/

For more information, please contact Interstate Products at 6561 Palmer Park Circle, Suite A

Sarasota, FL 34238 or call toll free1-800-474-7294 for domestic inquiries and 941-377-8610 if outside the United States. The company’s email address is services@interstateproducts.com

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    Economy L-Bracket Spill Containment Berm Ultra-Containment Economy Berms feature an economical design that offers cost savings and secure spill containment. • L-shaped aluminum brackets provide sturdy sidewall support • Easy assembly —...
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