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Safety Cabinets

Safety Cabinets

We have all the Top Brand Names you can trust! Meet OSHA, NFPA, UFC 79 and FM compliance with rock bottom pricing on Safety Cabinets. With IPI, you get the industry leading product supporrt with our 4.8 Overall Approval Rating from over 3000 3rd party reviews. Stock Cabinets are Stocked strategically around the country for quickest delivery and super low freight costs.

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25th Anniversary

Long before the inception of the phenomenon called the internet, Eagle MFG had been selling its flammable cabinets for 100 years. Eagle MFG, along with our coordination at IPI, started to sell its wide-range of safety storage and flammable cabinets online for the last 17+ years – a partnership that has rendered to be extremely successful.

Why Do You Need a Flammable Storage Cabinet?

We heard about regular cabinets, such as kitchen cabinets, but just what are flammable storage cabinets you may be wondering. Let us clarify, brands like Eagle and Justrite manufactured flammable storage cabinets to ensure compliance, identification, and protection of hazardous liquids from fires.

Many precautions were taken to enhance their valued goods, which is why we assure you that our cabinets follow NFPA guidelines to keep your flammable and combustible liquids safe and protected. While shopping from our website at IPI, you can even check our Eagle and Justrite’s flammable cabinets and the details mention the codes it follows under each cabinet.

What’s So Great about Us?  Eagle MFG Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet

Eagle’s flammable cabinets are true lifesavers. Constructed with 18-gauge steel, it's sides, top, bottom, and doors are insulated with double walls, keeping about a 1 ½ inch of space for air between the walls. In addition to that, both vents within these cabinets consist of 2-inch threaded fittings and come along with a fire baffle and cap for extra protection.

Color wise, all of Eagle’s flammable storage cabinets come in the shade of bright yellow high-gloss powder finish with a dash of red paint. Our flammable storage cabinets are fully-equipped with grounding attachment which includes 3-point key locks and 2 inch raised leak-proof door sills. Eagle Cabinets are a Brand Name You Can Trust and is Made in USA.

Eagle 1947 Forty-Five Gallon Flammable Safety Cabinet

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