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Nut and Bolt Loosener - Aerosol Spray - 12 Cans/Case

Aerosols : CP-213
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Terand Nut and Bolt Loosener

Non-flammable, penetrating spray that cuts through rust and corrosion to loosen frozen nuts and bolts. Leaves a never-dry residual film that lubricates and prevents further rust. Regular use helps assure free and easy movement of mechanical parts. Helps cut time on any maintenance or repair job. Includes extension tubes for easier application to remote areas.

•Safe Around Plastic and Paint
•39,000 Volt Dielectric Strength
•Quickly Cuts Through Rust and Corrosion
•Lubricates Parts to Ensure Free and Easy Movement
•Demoisturizes and Creates a Waterproof Film to Inhibit Corrosion and Electrical Discharge
•Protects Parts Against Atmospheric and Chemical Corrosion by Creating a Non-Drying Film

• Motors • Frozen Nuts and Bolts • Hinges • Screws • Clamps • Linkages • Fasteners • Molds • Lug Nuts • Threaded Parts • Tools • Engine Parts • Motors • Bearings • Gears • Relays • Starters • Generators • Auto Mechanics • Serviceman • Utility Companies • Marine Repair • Industrial Plants • Refineries • Food and Bottling Plants • Heavy Equipment Companies • Railroads • Trucking • Oil Fields

SIZE: 16 oz. can
NET WEIGHT: 11 oz.
UNITS/PACK: 12 cans

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