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Fuel Storage Bladders

Fuel Storage Bladders

Interstate Fuel Bladder Tanks

Fuel Storage Bladders & Pillow Tanks

Fuel Storage Bladders & Pillow Tanks come in storage sizes from 250 US gallons to 210,000 US Gallons (now 300,000 gallons on approved applications) of fuel for approved commercial, civilian and military bladder storage uses all over the globe. Interstate Products flexible and collapsible diesel fuel storage bladders can store a variety of fuel types, including diesel fuel, jet fuel, crude oil, and other types of liquids that require similar chemical resistances. IPI's 25 Years in Business, offers fuel products from state of the art, ISO Compliant or ISO certified factories with existing Government tank contracts. IPI Provides unmatched quality as our factories utilize the very best materials from the top fabric manufactures with almost an unlimited amount of fittings installed the right way. This means Chemically and Mechanically bonded fittings. IPI has available industry standard sizes in military grade nitrile and mil spec urethane as well as the ability to do custom engineered solutions. The government contracts allow for volume material purchasing and saves you expense. Buy fuel bladders safely, with IPI Industry Leading Product Support ratings with over 3000 and growing x 5 Star, 3rd Party, Independent Client Service Reviews, "It simply makes sense to Buy@IPI" as so many satisfied clients have.

Interstate Products Military Style Flexible Fuel Storage Bladders - also known as Blivets or Pillow Fuel Bladders are available in Military or Commercial in many sizes and shapes depending on the application. Our fuel storage bladders are used in a variety of environments, including commercial, domestic military deployment, fuel farms, abroad military deployments, industrial refueling, jet & diesel fuel bladder storage tank applications, and fueling stations. Many size fuel storage baldder tanks are available for purchase online below. Larger Tanks, Fuel berms and containment liners, Mil Spec liners are all available for jet and diesel fuel storage operations to help SPCC compliance.

Quality & service matters. Manufactured using heavy-duty urethane and/ or nylon coated geomembrane materials. These rugged and dependable fuel bladder pillow tanks are designed to outperform and outlast the competition. The fabric panels are welded toghether and then reinforced. Interstate Products supplies collapsible fuel bladder and pillow tank from multiple ISO or ISO compliant factories to effectively, securely and efficiently serve you based on availability and need. We use our reliable supply network to pass on unsurpassed experiences, engineering, quality and value to our clients without compromising quality or lead times. We are able to ship from multiple locations to provide the best possible time lines and freight costs.


IPI offers standard and custom fuel storage bladders and tank solutions. We work with our clients all over the world! Volume discounts on Fuel Bladders are available. Your jet or diesel fuel storage bladders can be constructed in pillow tank design and to Military Specification or Military Style (using Military grade materials) when you buy @ IPI, Interstate Products Inc.

If you are with the DOD, US Military, government and/or need to meet Made in America requirements, please contact us today for special services.** Commercial & Civilian ALWAYS welcome. You may Buy Online sizes up to 25,000 gals below, or larger sizes up to 210,000 gallons please call with questions or phone orders, please call 1-800-474-7294. After Hours 24-7, - Call Direct at 1-800-238-4259 or chat with us.

Fuel Storage Bladder Fabric Specifications

Pillow Tank Style Fuel Bladder Features:

  • Compact, lightweight, portable design is durable and easy to use.
  • Interstate Flexible Fuel Bladders can be used for a variety of industrial, military jet fuel, and other oil or diesel fuel related storage applications.
  • All fuel bladder tank products are tested and approved to exacting quality standards.
  • Only top quality high grade fuel safe materials are used for construction military grade fuel tanks and bladders.

Fuel Storage Bladders & Accessories Include:

  • Collapsible Military Style Fuel Bladder packages
  • Secondary Fuel Bladder Containment Berm, Liner or Ground Mat
  • Fuel Repair Kit, Hoses, Valves & Variety of connections
  • Other solutions

Fuel Bladder Tank Connections Fuel Bladder Tank Fuel Bladder Tank

Storage Bladder Notes:

  • Always consult with State and/or Local Authorities regarding restrictions or possible permitting needed for fuel bladder use in your area prior to purchasing. EPA Regulations require secondary containment for fuel when collapsible fuel bladders are deployed.

Discover the IPI difference! You will always find tremendous value, incredible selection and unequaled service with every product we provide at IPI! Fuel Bladders are available in various sizes and shapes. Selection includes military & non military packages. Crude Oil bladders are also available. 

Call Interstate Products Inc today at 1-800-474-7294 or After Hours at 1-800-238-4259. Calling from outside the U.S.? Call International at 941-377-8610 to discuss your collapsible fuel storage and water bladders needs.

​Military Storage Tanks & Collapsible Fuel Bladders

​Commercial Storage Tanks & Collapsible Fuel Bladders

Interstate Products Inc has increased its line of military style fuel storage bladders up to the 210,000 gallon sizes. All are made with military grade materials and military spec fuel fabric. Sizes include 3000, 10,000 gallon, 20,000 gallon, 50,000 gallon, and includes 75,000, 100,000 gallon, 150,000 gallon and 210,000 gallon sizes now.

Standard Fuel Storage Bladder Parts Included: 2" Bottom Drain, 1 x Elbow, 1 x Valve, 2 Sets 10' Hoses, 1 x Double Mushroom Vent, with 2 x 4" Male Camlocks. Fabric used is from Seaman Corp a world class leader in the industrial fabric industry. Containment berm liners are available for containment purposes.

Interstate Products has been providing solutions to military and industrial clients since 1996 and also offers a line of collapsible Fuel Storage Bladders and Water Bladders since the year 2000 for non-military or civilian purposes. You may buy Online below 25,000 and under or larger sizes up to 210,000 gallons please call Interstate Products Inc, today for questions, quotes and phone orders. Get unsurpassed service and more information on water and fuel storage bladders with pillow tank style at 1-800-474-7294 or 941-377-8610 International.

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Military Storage Tanks

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