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Bladder Pillow Tanks

Bladder Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tanks and Bladders Collapsible Liquid Storage Tanks @ Interstate Products, Inc.

IPI is your leading supplier of Water Bladders, Fuel Bladders, and Pillow Tanks for 2 decades. These durable bladder and pillow tanks are used as temporary and long term storage solutions for potable water, waste water, fuel, diesel, jet fuel, chemicals, transformer oil, gasses, and other liquids. Pillow Tanks give you size options from smaller sizes up to 210,000 gallons. IPI is your doorway to high quality heavy duty drinking, non potable water tank bladders & fuel pillow tanks made by the leading bladder & tank manufacturer factories. Our Pillow Tank Network allows better values & multiple shipping locations on select orders.

Let Interstate Products work with you, to provide the right inflatable, bladder or pillow tank for your water, fuel & liquid storage solutions. IPI bladders are strong, high quality pillow tank and bladder tank solutions. IPI keeps you as the priority with greater values, due to our high volume. For additional information on Interstate Products' Military or Commercial Water Bladders, Fuel Bladders, Drinking water, and Pillow Tanks, please call us or browse our site below. At Interstate Products, we are the Bladder Tank Authority in the industry, Online for 2 decades, and pride ourselves on exceeding our customers needs and expectations. Get unsurpassed service on every product we sell, with the IPI Industry Leading product support. (Overall 4.8 Overall Satisfaction Review Rating 2015-2021 based on over 3500 independent reviews above and since tracked).**Civilian and Commercial accounts are always Welcome** If you are with the Humanitarian Services, DOD, Government, Relief , Power, Energy concern or Military, contact us for special services & specs @ 1-800-474-7294. After Hours # 1-800-238-4259 - 941-780-4003 Combat or Relief.

pillow tank outdoor bladder50,000 Bladder

Below is a selection of tank and bladders in pillow style in numerous capacities, that may be purchased online or you may call us with your custom pillow tank specifications. IPI is able to provide Commercial, military, and specialty tanks of almost any size, from standard, customs, smaller 100 gallon sizes & up to large 50,000 gallons, 210,000 gallon sizes, and everything in between. You may order Many Tank sizes Online or call our pillow & bladder tank specialists by phone.

With 25 years in business you can confidently Buy @ IPI. Contact us directly for Custom Tanks, 50,000 gallon bladder tanks, or the larger tanks up to 210,000 gallon tanks to go over applications. We love the challenge of meeting your requirements and exceeding our customers' expectations. IPI provides many types of industrial tank fabrics, military spec fabrics, MADE IN USA, including urethane, nylon, and *XR-5 geomembranes to name a few. *XR5 Fabric Technology has been widely used by the United States Military and been available for 4 decades! That is an example of how quality matters. Need help? IPI has a team of bladder tank & pillow tank experts we can make available. Explore below for available tanks from custom or smaller applications to sizes of 50,000 - 210,000 gallon bladders & and tanks.

Interstate Products provides pillow tanks and bladder tanks for many domsetic, overseas, military applications, industrial, commercial, construction, rainwater collection, and world wide disaster relief applications. We are your source for smaller tanks and up to 210,000 gallon, including 50,000, 25,000 Jet, Fuel, Diesel, Crude Oil, Irrigation, Drinking, and Fire Water pillow tank storage. Our bladder & pillow tank specialists are available to you After Hours by calling: 1-800-238-4259.  If you need pillow tanks and are calling Internationally from Outside the US, please call: 941-377-8610.

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Pillow Tanks for Water (Potable &amp Non-Potable) and Fuel Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tanks @ IPI. What is new? IPI standard water tanks all come with ground mats, which are underlayments that unfold and protect your pillow tank from underneath. The pillow tanks name stands for the shape and design which is shaped like a pillow. For reference a bladder could also be a pillow tank but a bladder may or may not be self supporting. The capacity of a pillow tank with it's self supporting design holds about 70% of what a rectangle would. IPI has worked with tanks and bladder tank factories for nearly 2 decades and can provide a multitude of designs and capacities.

Common sizes for water and fuel pillow tanks are 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 5000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 gallon sizes. IPI also provides large bladders in 75k, 100,000 and 210,000 gallon bladders. If you need a bladder or a pillow tank, IPI is available to help you with the best for your application. Many liquids can be stored in these tanks including diesel, drinking water, chemicals, juices, grey water, jet fuel and more.

Pillow Tanks for drinking water under 25,000 gallons = XR3 PW fabric, Grey Water = XR5 or PVC fabrics up to 20,000 gallons. Tank fabrics over 25,000 gallons may use XR fabrics, Urethane or suitable substitutes. Up to 210,000 is available. Custom Bladder Tanks may have additional options for fabrics.

Contact IPI today at 1-800-474-7294 and let us know how we can help you. Overall the Pillow Tanks or Bladder tanks are lightweight, mobile, flexible and can last for years. The pillow tanks @IPI make a great storage solution for many applications.

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    50,000 gallon Water Storage Bladders For Grey and Black Water Bladders Non Potable Water Bladders for remote site water storage, water stations, irrigation, rain water collection, water capture, and more are typically field-tested by users under extreme...
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  • 50,000 Gallon Water Bladder

    50,000 Gallon Water Bladder Potable Potable Water Bladders for remote site water storage, drinking water stations, irrigation, rain water collection, water capture, and more are typically field-tested by users under extreme conditions and from those...
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