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Neutra Air Dry Air Freshener & Odor Neutralizer Spray

Aerosols : CP-625
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Chemical Packaging
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Terand Dry Air Freshener and Odor Neutralizer - Neutra Air

Destroy odors, not just mask them. Fine, dry mist floats through the air and reduces the danger of slips and falls as a result of wet fall-out on the floor. Safe and easy to use. Use almost anywhere, to freshen and deodorize bathrooms, kitchens, offices, sickrooms, hotel rooms, auto interiors, closets, lockers, chests, showers, and around garbage receptacles. Used by many leading hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, apartments, recreation centers, schools, nurseries, fitness centers, animal clinics, and nursing homes.

• VOC Compliant Formula
• Floating Mist Eliminates Odors

• Clean Linen
• Neutra-Air
• Mulberry
• Apple

SIZE: 20 oz. can
NET WEIGHT: 10 oz.
UNITS/PACK: 12 cans

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