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Potable Water Storage Bladders

Potable Water Storage Bladders

Potable Water Storage Bladders

Potable Water Storage Bladders & Tanks

Looking for safe potable water storage bladder options? What makes it potable is the NSF61 approved fabric and materials used. This means your potable Water Storage Bladders with IPI leave no foul odor, no bad taste and is made for human consumption. End users must test and treat their water to keep it safe. These flexible tanks can be used to meet a variety of your water storage needs. Our customers use IPI collapsible water storage bladders and tanks for many drinking water and potable water applications. Water storage bladders have been deployed for long term storage of potable water, temporary drinking stations, latrines, and disaster relief projects.

All potable water storage bladder sizes can be found below and range from 300 US Gallons to 50,000 US Gallons for easy order and delivery. Our potable water bladders specialists are standing by to meet your custom water storage bladder needs. Chat or call us today on drinking water storage bladders made with the NSF 61 approved fabric. If Military grade potable bladders for drinking water are needed, contact our MILITARY water bladder specialist for more information.

Need it fast? Bulk prices? WE CAN HELP! Let us use our supplier network to meet your water storage needs. We are able to provide high quality water storage bladder tanks at a value and ship quickly from multiple skilled trusted manufacturers and up to the large 210,000 collapsible bladders. Check out our awesome reviews and "Learn the IPI difference." We pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed service on every product we sell. Standard sizes are below.

Interstate Products Inc proudly provides non potable water, potable water, chemical, fuel, and grey water flexible bladder tanks. Call us today at 1-800-474-7294 or International 941-377-8610.


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    Potable Water Pillow Tank w/Ground Mat - 15,000 Gallons

    Was: $7,200.00
    Price: $6,480.00
    Potable Water Pillow Tanks w/Ground Mat Collapsible, flexible storage tanks provide the ideal solution for temporary or long term storage of water, chemicals, fuel, oil and most aqueous solutions. • Fast and easy to install with standard size...
    Water Tanks : IPI-PWPT-15000
    Was: $7,200.00
    Price: $6,480.00
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    Was: $7,200.00
    Price: $6,480.00
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