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Justrite Rigid Lock QuickBerm®

Safe, drive-in spill containment for drums, IBC totes, and tanks.

• Single-piece construction - patented Rigid-Lock wall support system integral to berm provides unobstructed work space
• Quick and easy setup - NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
• Durable modified PVC coated fabric withstands long term UV exposure - great for outdoor use.

The Rigid-Lock QuickBerms ergonomic design provides 100% inside berm accessibility with an unobstructed side-to-side floor space for vehicle tires, foot traffic, and cleaning. The patented Rigid-Lock wall-support design protects personnel against trips and falls when walking along the outside perimeter. Built-in stainless steel wall supports lock the sidewalls in a 12-in (305-mm) high, 90° vertical position. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® offers immediate, secure deployment and no-worry, spill-readiness.

Like the QuickBerm® Plus the standard QuickBerm® withstands a broad range of chemicals including petroleum, oils, grease, and most acids—durable enough for extended wear. Exceptionally strong structural integrity includes a reinforced CriticalCorner™ design featuring wraparound diagonal radio frequency welds to prevent billowing, unwrapping, or sagging of the corners during full containment for fluid-tight reliability. Walls include a 1-in (25-mm) fray-resistant finished hem along the top rim for added wall strength and integrity. Each support includes a heavy-duty brass grommet for anchoring the berm under high wind conditions. Anchoring stakes not included. Sidewalls lower quickly for easy drive-in and out. Portable design folds down quickly for storage and transport.

The built-in Rigid-Lock wall supports maximize usable space inside the berm and greatly reduce any tripping hazard on the berm perimeter. The device only folds down one way, inward towards the inside of the berm. The one-piece design folds down flat and remains integral to the sidewall. Supports resist extreme temperatures (-50F to 160F). When in the down position, they can withstand vehicle weights in excess of 11,000 lbs (5,000 kg) at each tire. While in the up position, the supports will hold up to wind loads of 40 miles per hour. Additionally, Rigid-Lock supports will perform at full rim containment height—meaning the berm is entirely full—without bend or buckles. In case of damage, for example a user drives out of the berm without lowering the wall to the proper exit position, the stainless steel support rods are replaceable. 

Helps comply with EPA for containment and spill prevention (SPCC).

Note: The difference between the QuickBerm® Plus and the standard Rigid-Lock QuickBerm® is the durability of the modified PVC-coated fabric. The Plus version is thicker and more durable for more frequent drive-in or -out applications. The standard QuickBerm® is better suited for infrequent drive-in or –out scenarios, pedestrian traffic, and for placing heavy materials within the working space.

Justrite Rigid-Lock QuickBerm
Part#: 28519
Interior Dimensions: 10' x 10' x 12"
Containment Capacity: 745 Gallons
Weight: 60 lbs.

*NOTE(1): For exterior dimensions, add 10 inches to width and length to account for support and grommet.
*NOTE(2): When selecting a berm size, allow 12 inches at entry or exit for lowering and raising the wall.

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