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Cleaners and Coatings

In this section you will find a wide variety of products that will simplify facility maintenance tasks. IPI offers environmentally friendly citrus cleaners and industrial wet wipes for both cleaning and disinfecting. Our Terand brand of high quality aerosol products are ideal for numerous of facility maintenance, janitorial, automotive/fleet and housekeeping applications. Prevent costly slips and falls with our popular non-slip coatings that are available in 18 standard colors. We also offer product solutions for cleaning, sealing and patching both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces as well as patching asphalt surfaces in the parking lot. Even if you need a superhydrophobic or oleophobic nanotechnology surface coating that will repel almost any liquid, we have you covered with Ultra-Ever Dry. We sell these products in bulk sizes to save you money. If you have a large job, additional volume pricing discounts are available by calling 800-474-7294.

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