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Vertical Lift Drum Pourer

• Morse MFG CO® Vertical Lift Drum Pourers are available with or without a scale.
• This low energy, spark resistant machine, is ideal for hazardous areas.
• The weighing component is within .2% accuracy.

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Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers

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These drum handlers are designed to make it safe and easy to raise and pour a heavy drum. You control the drum pouring angle and height while you dispense. The compact base and quality components of this Vertical-Lift drum handler make it easy to maneuver. With scale-equipped models, you can even weigh your drum while you pour to dispense precise amounts as needed. Pour your drum with a drum faucet or drum cone in place. These units can manuever up to 800 pound (363 kg) loads.


Drum PourersScale-equipped drum lifters eliminate the need to move to a seperate drum scale because you can weigh as you pour! Two models are available, the 515 and the 525 series. The 515 series is a single stage scale-equipped barrel lifter which can handle barrels up to 60" high. The 525 series can handle drums up to 106" high.

Non-Scale Equipped

There are also versions without a scale. Morse provides the 510 and the 520 series, which lifts drums with the same strength as our scaled units. The 510 series can handle 60" high drums, and the 520 can handle 106" high drums.

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Accurate Batching by Weight.

The structure is engineered to sum the downward components of force, and factor out the variation of forces caused by tilting a drum to pour contents. This design, combined with digital electronicinstrument, provides measurements to 0.1 Lb. (0.05 kg) while handling drums up to 800 Lb. Drum Pourers(363 kg) with an accuracy of +/-0.2 % of displayedweight.

Intrinsically Safe Electronics

The drum scale indicator is Ultra Low Power Intensity (ULPI) Instrument which is Factory Mutual approved for many hazardous areas. This system may be used in many hazard areas where ordinary electric powered equipment would be prohibited

Power Options for Morse CO MFG Vertical-Lift Drum Pourers.

Power Lift and Power Drum Tilt.

Option 110 - AC powered hydraulic lift and tilt.
Option 114 - Air motor powered hydraulic lift and tilt.
Option 115 - 12V DC powered hydraulic lift and tilt, which includes 12V battery and charger.

Manual Lift and Manual Drum Tilt

• Hand pump for lift.
• Hand crank or pull chain for drum tilt.

Power Lift and Manual Drum Tilt.

Option 120 - AC powered hydraulic lift.
Option 124 - Air motor powered hydraulic lift.
Option 125 - 12V DC powered hydraulic lift which includes 12V battery and charger.

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Our volume discounts will save you money!

We provide low pricing, but if you find an advertised price
lower we will of course be happy to beat it.

Vertical-LIft Drum Pourer Model Numbers.


AC Motor Powered Lift & Tilt

Air Motor Powered Lift & Tilt

12V DC Powered Lift & Tilt

AC Motor Power Lift Manual Tilt

Air Motor Powere Lift Manual Tilt

12V DC Power Lift Manual Tilt

Manual Lift & Manual Tilt

Scale Equipped Single-Stage 60" Lift 515-N-110 515-T-114, 515-N-114, 515M-T-114 515-N-115 515-N-120 515-T-124, 515-N-124, 515M-T-124 515-N-125 515-T, 515-N
2-Stage 106" Lift 525-N-110 525-T-114, 525-N-114, 525M-T-114 525-N-115 525-N-120 525-T-124, 525-N-124, 525M-T-124 525-N-125 525-T, 525-N
Non-Scale Equipped Single-Stage 60" Lift 510-110 510-114, 510M-114 510-115 510-120 510-124, 510M-124 510-125 510
2-Stage 106" Lift 520-11 520-114, 520M-114 520-115 520-120 520-124, 520M-124 520-125 520

Scales have numerical touch pad for tare entry.
"T" in Model # = Intrinsically safe scale indicator.
"N" in Model # = NOT for hazardous areas.
"M" in Model # = Spark resistant parts made of Monel.

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