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• Tilt and pour a drum below-hook with your hoist or crane.
• Lift, rotate, and control the pour of a drum.
• Tilt drums 360° with a drum faucet in place.
• Several different models that can handle capacities between 800 and 2500 pounds.

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Below-Hook Drum Karriers

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Lift, rotate, and control the pour of a drum with Morse Drum Carriers. Use these drum carriers with your hoist or crane to control the pour of drum contents, rather than simply dumping the entire contents with a drum inverter. The 185 andBelow Hook Drum Karrier 195 Series are meant for overhead operation, while the 85 series is used for operation within reach. The drum can be tilted 360° in any direction while the drum faucet is in place. Standard models come with a pull chain drum tilt control. There's also a optional hand crank or 16" hand wheel to control the tilt of the drum.

Power Drum Tilt Kontrol-Karriers:

Power Tilt Kontrol Karrier

195 Series: This unit has a Full Drum Capacity of 1,500 Lbs. and a Half-full capacity of 800 Lbs. Morse power-tilt Kontrol-Karriers for below-hook applications provide controlled drum tilt of 360° in both directions. AC powered models have 2-button pendant on 7' cord. Air powered models have 3 position control valve on 12' coiled hose. Handles 55-gallon steel drums. Use 55/30 Series Adaptors for smaller diameter steel or fiber drum. Ship dimensions: L 45" W 24" H 40". Ships class 77.5 Ship weight: 400 Lb. assembled in wooden crate.

Manual Drum Tilt Kontrol-Karriers:

185 Series Standard Duty: This unit has a Full Drum Capacity of 800 Lbs., and a Half-full drum capacity of 500 Lbs. Kontrol-Karriers, with gear and sprocket drive, provides easy pouring, with a 30:1 ratio controlled tilt. Economical for occasional use with moderate loads.

185HD Series Heavy-Duty: This unit has a Full Drum Capacity of 1,500 Lbs., and a Half-full drum capacity of 800 Lbs. The 185HD Series provides efficient 60:1 reduction to make drum pouring easy with fine control. They are recommended for general use or when loads vary or could overload the standard duty model. The 185HD Series accept 55/30 Series Diameter Adaptors for smaller diameter drums.

Heavy Duty Kontrol Karrier

185GR Series Extra Heavy-Duty: This unit has a Full Drum Capacity of 2,000 Lbs., and a Half-full drum capacity of 1000 Lbs. Extra-heavy-duty construction with steel tube framework, large shafts and bearings offer long life in tough service. An oil filled, worm gear speed reducer provides 60:1 gear reduction for fine control when tipping heavy drums. Model 185A-GR drum holder has two cinch chains and binders. Accepts adaptor for 30-gallon steel drum (Model 55/30-19GR). Model 185G-GR has 3-piece saddle drum holder. Model 185GM-GR has spark resistant parts made of monel and 3-piece saddle.

185XGR Super Series Heavy-Duty: Morse Super Heavy-Duty below-hook drum carrier enables drum pouring at or above your reach. You control drum tilting 360� in either direction. Dispense drum contents with your hoist or crane. Even lift and invert a drum with drum faucet in place. This Super Heavy-Duty drum carrier has a pull chain to control the drum tilt with a 150:1 worm gear speed reducer and "extra heavy-duty" rating.

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Power Tilt Kontrol Karriers - 1,500 Pound Capacity

Model No.




195A-1-115 1 phase / 115V motor 55/30 400 Lbs.
195A-3-230 3 phase / 230V motor 55/30 400 Lbs.
195A-3-460 3 phase / 460V motor 55/30 400 Lbs.
195A-A Air motor 55/30 400 Lbs.
195AM-A Spark Resistant Air Motor 55/30 400 Lbs.

Manual Tilt Kontrol Karriers - 800 Pound Capacity

185i For 55-gallon steel drums. 55/30 71 Lbs.
185i/E For 55-gallon steel or fiber drums. 55/30 73 Lbs.
185A For 55-Gallon Steel Drums. None 71 Lbs.
185G Has 3-pc. saddle sized for 55-Gallon steel drum. None 85 Lbs.
185A-M Spark Resistant for 55-Gallon Steel Drums. None 6 Lbs.
185R Has Top Rim Clamp for plastic, steel, or fiber 55-Gallon drums up to 23-1/2" dia. min. 34"t tall. None 1500 Lbs.

Manual Tilt Kontrol Karriers - 1500 Pound Capacity

185A-HD For 55-Gallon Steel Drums. 55/30 93 Lbs.
185A/E-HD For 55-Gallon Steel or Fiber Drums. 55/30 97 Lbs.
185G-HD Has 3-pc. saddle sized for 55-Gallon Steel drums. None 103 Lbs.
185AM-HD Spark Resistant for 55-Gallon Steel Drums. 55/30M 85 Lbs.
185A-HDPS For Plastic or Steel 55-Gallon Drums. 55/30 114 Lbs.
185A/E-HDSS Stainless Steel for 55-Gallon steel or fiber drums. 55/30SS 103 Lbs.

Manual Tilt Kontrol Karriers - 2000 Pound Capacity

185A-GR For 55-Gallon Steel Drums. 55/30-19GR 177 Lbs.
185G-GR Has 3-piece saddle sized for 55-Gallon steel drums. 55/30-19GR 185 Lbs.
185GM-GR Spark Resistant parts. Has 3-piece saddle sized for 55-Gallon steel drum. None 185 Lbs.

Manual Tilt Kontrol Karriers - 2500 Pound Capacity

185XGR 3-piece drum holder 55/30 1500 Lbs.

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